DACOM Testimonials

Reputations are built on performance, not promises. While many search companies overstate, overcommit, and underperform, DACOM has built its formidable reputation on consistently achieving maximum results.

The Right Person For The Right Job

We are driven by quality, dedication, and customer service. DACOM was founded on these ideals, and this is how we have achieved our success. We are committed to furthering these standards at every level of our organization.

Spend some time with us, and you'll quickly recognize that our growth is no accident; it’s a testament to customer loyalty achieved by delivering what our customers need.

"DACOM is an extension of my staff. They understand the technologies that matter to my organization and the type of people that fit into our team."

Senior Director
Aerospace Company

"The difference between DACOM and the rest is their level of understanding of what I do, and therefore the type of people I need to grow my group. I get lots of resumes with the right buzzwords from other companies, but DACOM consistently hits the mark from a culture and work ethic perspective."

Medical Device Company

"Working for DACOM as a contractor has been great. I get paid on time, and they do what they promise. Plus, there is no bureaucracy to go through if I need something."

Satisfied Employee

"As a contractor, all I ask for is a contracting company that provides support where I need it—and DACOM has great benefits and is easy to deal with. I'll continue to work for DACOM and refer my friends here anytime."

Satisfied Employee

"There were no surprises with DACOM. They prepared me for my interview and gave me the best possible understanding of what the job and management team would expect."

Information Technologies