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DA Communications, Inc., also known as DACOM, is a North Carolina Corporation founded by Dawnette Scott, President. Our corporate headquarters is located near Research Triangle Park, NC. DACOM is a provider of staffing and consulting solutions to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Our customer list includes financial institutions, public utilities, health care and insurance entities, manufacturing firms, government, telecommunications and venture-backed start-up firms.

The right person for the right job…it's a simple guarantee that can only be upheld by an organization driven by quality, dedication and customer service. DACOM was founded on these ideals, has achieved success through these ideals, and is committed to furthering these principles at every level of our organization.

Reputation is built on performance, not promises. While many search companies overstate, overcommit, and underperform, DACOM has built its formidable reputation on consistently achieving maximum results.

Please spend some time with us, and you'll quickly recognize that our growth is no mistake - it is a testament to the customer loyalty we have achieved by delivering for our customers.


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